What services does Island Energy provide?

Island Energy is a full-service propane company. We offer propane delivery, tank rentals, pressure testing, tank exchanges, and more for both residential and commercial customers in Northeast Arkansas. View our services page to learn more about our propane services.

What is Island Propane’s service area?

We service all of Northeast Arkansas, including Greene, Craighead, Randolph, Clay, Lawrence, and Poinsett Counties. We serve both residential and commercial customers. We also have locations in Paragould, Osceola, and Pocahontas. Visit our service areas page for more information.

Can I order propane and pay my bill online?

Yes! With Island Energy, we make paying your bill and ordering propane convenient through online payments and ordering.

What are the benefits of propane for my home or business?

Propane is a reliable fuel source that is not dependent on the power grid, which means you can still heat your home or business, cook, and have hot water during unexpected power outages. It is an even, clean burning fuel, making it environmentally friendly. Propane equipment is built for efficiency, creating lower fuel costs in nearly every form, from irrigation, heating and beyond. Propane is a reliable and cost effective fuel source for your home or business!

How much does propane cost?

Propane is a byproduct of domestic natural gas processing and crude oil refinery, so the price can fluctuate based on the market. Prices also tend to rise during the Winter months. At Island Energy, we provide propane in Northeast Arkansas at the most affordable prices in the market. To save money, it is best to refill your propane tanks before the seasonal rise in price. Do not wait until you run out of propane to avoid extra costs and safety risks.