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At Island Energy, we help you stay prepared for life's situations with standby portable generators by Cummins. When a storm arrives, Cummins generators deliver protection, reliability, and dependability for your home and way of life that's always on even when a power outage strikes. These highly-powered and trusted generators also protect against snow and dangerously cold temperatures keeping your family safe, warm, and worry-free. With Cummins QuietConnect home generators, your home remains safe from busted water pipes, internet outages, and loss of power even during the harshest winter storms. Gain peace of mind today and call your friends at Island Energy!

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Cummins QuietConnect
Home Stanby Generators

The QuietConnect Series puts 100 years of proven Cummins reliability into a range of powerful backup solutions. Featuring advanced technology and design for nearly any home, large or small, these quiet, compact generators allow your life to go on normally, even during an outage. So when a storm comes, you'll always be prepared!